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During a spasm through my whole back that literally kept me from breathing Craig was able to guide me through some stretches that immediately relaxed the muscles and allowed me to catch my breath and stay on my feet. 
Kevin E, Victor NY

Thank you, again, for all your help! The fact that I was able to run and feel so strong after dealing with so much knee pain for so long speaks volumes about the training you've given me. It's great to know I can just correct my stride and feel an instant difference. Pain won't stop me again!
Micheline D, Rochester NY

Right from the start of working with Craig my productivity at work went  way up.  My time per call is better, I need fewer breaks and best of days missed because of back problems!
Dave C, Rochester NY 

After a year of training for my first marathon my ankle was so bad I could barely walk.  I tried ibuprofen, ice, heat and elevation but nothing worked and I was frustrated and angry.  Then Craig stepped in just 3 weeks before the event.  He checked the ankle, gave me some easy exercises and I was able to finish the whole 26.2 miles without even walking.
Elizabeth J, Spencerport NY

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What We Do

CFM specializes in low back recovery and rehab, overcoming nagging running injuries, workplace body-mechanics and core stabilityA positive, forward thinking organization with a strong commitment to personalized service and attention, we provide unique and customized personal & occupational health education for individuals and employee groups.
  • In-home acute and chronic low back recovery & rehabilitation
  • Injury recovery & prevention for runners
  • Running mechanics and efficiency
  • Employee movement mechanics
  • Balance, stability and flexibility
  • Movement health for everyday living
  • We'll come to your home or workplace

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