Group Core Strength & Alignment:

These group sessions offer staff an opportunity to learn and practice the key strength and alignment exercises needed to work stronger. Appropriate for all physical levels and abilities, these workshops incorporate body-weight exercises and no special equipment is needed.

Half-day workshop:

This is the most comprehensive program.  It combines the Introduction, Action and Alignment sessions listed below giving the staff the most comprehensive foundation to keep the them MOVING SMARTER and WORKING STRONGER.

More in-depth options are available and the above sessions can be repeated as needed to reach all desired staff members.


No matter what your job or daily activity, the body’s core muscles and skeleton can give the support needed to fight fatigue and defend against disabling on-the-job injuries.

Single-session Individual Training:

Added as a follow-up to the group programs, or simply offered as a separate employee benefit. These one-on-one sessions give individuals the opportunity for private consultation with the trainer in their work environment.  Core strength and movement assessments and exercises are provided, as well as specific fitness and diet consultations, as requested. 

Multi-session individual training:

Also a good follow up to the group programs, the multi-session one-on-one training is set up as a series of 3-5 individual sessions to allow any employee a chance for extended body mechanic and general fitness training.  After an initial consultation with a trainer, a plan is developed and implemented to improve movement, strength and general fitness.

What CFM can do for you and your team...

Core and Body Mechanics Introduction:

A single interactive classroom session designed to give any group a basic understanding of how the whole body is designed for safe & effective bending, lifting, twisting, reaching and pulling.  Attendees will leave with a stronger understanding of how their particular on-the-job movements or prolonged postures affect their physical health and how to more safely and effectively work through the day or night.

Core and Body Mechanics in Action:

These group sessions give staff a chance to implement and practice key movements needed for their duties.  We work in a simulated environment or, whenever possible, will "ride along" for live coaching. Participants will gain, not only a better understanding of the correct movements, but will know how to identify dangerous mechanics in themselves and their colleagues.

Does your workplace have physical challenges for you and your staff?

Do you work with…
- first responders or hospital workers pulling and lifting patients and equipment?

- service technicians twisting, pushing and wrenching HVAC, plumbing, electronics, etc?
- teachers who stand for much of the day?                                                                       - office workers or managers sitting at a desk for long periods of time?
- warehouse workers or movers handling odd-shaped equipment, packages or furniture all day?