Heart Health:

Did you know that walking just 20-30 minutes per day 5 days a week is all it takes to get your heart healthier.  In fact, recent research published in the journal Lancet showed that an extra 2000 steps per day (about 20-30 minutes) can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 18%.  You don’t have to join a gym, take aerobics classes or lift weights to begin getting heart healthy...you just need to move. And research over that last decade also makes it clear that you can be healthy at any weight.  If this is your goal then CFM can help create an easy-to-follow program that help gets your heart pumping stronger.

CFM focuses on Personal Health Education – the idea that each individual has a unique path to travel to reach their own optimum health.  We draw from the many diet, exercise and lifestyle myths and realities to help you blaze that path and, not only learn what’s right for you (as opposed to what’s “right” for everyone) but teach you how to manage and enjoy your lifetime journey towards MOVING SMARTER and LIVINGS STRONGER.

Healthy Living

Weight loss & Maintenance:

If you want to go further than heart health to lose & keep off  extra weight then there's a lot of information to sort through to figure out the best plan.  Along with physical education and training, CFM offers nutritional coaching and believes that “diet” is not a four letter word...it's simply what food choices you make every day and we strongly believe it's not just about the negative food choices but also about the lack of good ones.  It can take just a single consultation to put you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle but CFM also offers customized, long-term Health Coaching and Personal Training plans to help you along the way.

What CFM can do for you and your long term health...

Mechanics of Every Day Living:

Whether you struggle getting up & down from a chair or bed, reaching to put away dishes, dealing with that nagging back ache or are just tired of feeling sore from sitting at your desk all day, your life can be made more healthy & strong by simply maintaining good "form" and a stable and balanced core while doing everyday activities.  After an initial consultation, CFM will come to your home or workplace to better understand your needs and customize a core strength & functional mechanics program.  Whether you need just a single session to better perform the five basic movements of bending, lifting, twisting, pulling and pushing or would like to learn and implement a full balance and strength program CFM is the right partner to get you MOVING SMARTER and LIVING STRONGER.

Do you feel it's time to begin living a more healthy and active life?

Would you like to…
- effectively address that nagging back problem?
- include better food choices on a daily basis?
- start feeling more physically confident, energized or balanced?
- Improve your ability to accomplish everyday activities?                                            - gain a better understanding of how to lose that extra weight for a lifetime?