Basic Low Back Prevention:

If you've read any part of this website then you know the key to low back health is the condition of your core and overall posture.  Your ability to "brace" yourself against back trouble, however, starts with the knowledge of how your core functions and continues by learning how to activate your core and move correctly through work, life and play.  Using your body the way it was designed to be used is essential for keeping your back strong & healthy and CFM will give you the skills you need to get MOVING SMARTER and LIVING STRONGER.

​​You can finally take control of your low back pain with no weights, no pills and no special diet.  Simply by learning a little more about your body and practicing a few key changes in posture and movement, you can regain strength, improve confidence and stop losing valuable time and money laid up on the couch.

Healthy Back

Acute Low Back Rehab:

When your back has just "gone out" (or is threatening to take you down) the only thing you need to know, aside from when the pain will stop, is how to get back on your feet and active again as soon as possible. This is where CFM stands out from the pack because we'll show you proven strategies to recover in those first few minutes, hours and days of an attack.  You'll not only learn key stretches, movements and self massage techniques to minimize the pain and get you on your feet but also why & how each of the strategies work to heal your aching back.  If you or someone you care about is currently experiencing a back attack, or the threat of one, contact CFM right away for help getting up and back to life.

What CFM can do for you and your back health...

Learn to fight against your next back attack!

Does your nagging back pain...
- keep you from playing with your kids?
- prevent you from doing your job?
- cost you $$$
- stop you from feeling as strong and confident as you know you can be?                
- make you feel that at any moment you could be "taken out of commission" for days, weeks or months?

Low Back & Core Stability, Structure and Balance:

This is where you'll begin to learn how to finally get long-term control of your low back issues.  It'll start with a simple lesson on which muscles actually make up the "infamous" core of your body and how & why those muscles play such a big role in your recurring back pain.  We'll assess your posture, as well as the balance, stability and strength of your core to help clarify your specific needs and customize a program to get you moving in the right direction.  By adding to the knowledge of your own body and practicing the correct movements & postures you'll be more prepared to control pain, get moving again with confidence and defend against the next dreaded back attack.