My  name is Craig Pearlberg and I’m the founder of Core Fitness Mechanics.  As a Corrective Exercise Specialist with a focus on low back issues, nagging running injuries and workplace bio-mechanics I go beyond standard personal training or physical therapy by offering a more thorough understanding of how the body works to get and keep you strong & stable.  I’ll give you movements & postures for the home that make sense for building your muscle balance, stability and strength.  If your back is a constant threat I’ll teach you what muscles are involved, why they cause you such trouble and how to recover from, manage and prevent the dreaded “back attack”.  If the pain you get from running has held you back I’ll assess and correct your injury, technique and muscle balance to help get you running pain free (or, at least, minimized).  And if your workplace has physical challenges I’ll come to your location to demonstrate how the body’s core can give the support needed to fight fatigue and defend against disabling on-the-job injuries...even if the challenge is simply sitting all day.  My overall goal is to help you balance your muscles, stabilize your mechanics and protect against you the confidence you need to get MOVING SMARTER and LIVING STRONGER.


Body mechanics and biomechanics basically refer to the internal and external forces acting on the body and how the body responds to, and moves against, those forces.  Our bodies are efficiently designed to handle these forces but any imbalance, i.e. weak or tight muscles, will result in pain and eventual immobility in the feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders or neck. Many of us and our friends or colleagues are all too familiar with the back pain that comes most often from muscle imbalance and improper mechanics. CFM strongly believes that the foundation of any fitness program, posture or movement is the correct use of these mechanics and we strive to give you a clear understanding of how your  body is responding to the forces of your life.


Thinking about your fitness level can be intimidating and even confusing.  You may rarely get sick but have nagging shoulder, knee or back pain.  Maybe pain is rare but fatigue dogs you every day. Perhaps your weight just isn’t where you’d like it to be but your confused about all the diet and wellness information out there. Or you could already feel healthy but want to know how to achieve your absolute best.  CFM takes a very individualized approach when working with the many fitness levels and workplace requirements and we understand that goals can be about function & strength, safety, heart-health, weight loss & maintenance or athletic improvement. Each goal requires a unique approach and comes with different expectations but any one of them can be the most important type of “fitness” for you or your team.

CFM combines the concepts or "core," "fitness," and "mechanics" to, not only teach a new understanding of how the body is designed, but also instill safe, effective and rewarding ways of MOVING SMARTER and LIVING STRONGER towards a stronger, healthier you. 


If you look at a bare-bones skeleton you’ll notice that the very middle, right where the bellybutton should be, is only supported by the spine.  The upper body has the clavicle, scapula, sternum and ribs and the lower body has the leg bones and pelvis.  That little space between them, however, has nothing. This “core” area, more than any other part of the body, requires a strong muscle system to keep you upright and stable. These muscles attach to the spine, pelvis, hips, and legs and if not kept strong, balanced and flexible will almost certainly allow pain to develop...and most often it’ll be a pain in the back!  Along with simply supporting the body's posture, the core muscles are the center of all movement and balance and are the key to keeping our bodies MOVING SMARTER and LIVING STRONGER for work, life and play.

What & Who is CFM

CFM provides unique and customized personal & occupational health education for individuals and employee groups.  
Whether you're hoping to...
- avoid or relieve back pain
- run more efficiently for fun or sport
- keep you or your team healthy, strong and safe in the workplace and at home
​- simply discover the best road to a healthier you